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Live Virtual Agile Classroom Training

In these unusual times, we want to assure you that we are still open and that all of our Agile & Scrum courses are still available.

As most people are at home right now, we have introduced live virtual classroom training. This means that you can stay productive, learn a new skill-set, and get certified – all while remaining safely at home.

About Live Virtual Training

Live virtual training is very similar to attending a classroom-based course.

You’ll be connected with your trainer and other delegates in real time via our virtual training platform.

You can ask and answer questions, take part in group discussions and exercises, and view slides and handouts as you would in a real classroom.

The only real difference is that you’re not all in the same physical space. The trainer and each participant log in from wherever they are based.

What You Need for Live Virtual Training

Luckily, this style of training doesn’t require advanced or high tech equipment. Almost every smartphone, computer, and tablet has the following capabilities:

  • A steady internet connection. (a capacity of c. +5Mps is recommended, but this is standard for most home internet providers.)
  • A web camera, microphone, and speakers.

Easy to Use

If the idea of connecting virtually feels out of your comfort zone, don’t worry. Our virtual training platform is user-friendly and we’ll give you step-by-step guidance on getting connected.

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