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Agile Certification Online

Agile is one of the most widely-used project management methodologies in the world.

This inclusive online training gives you all you need to understand Agile. You will also gain a respected international certification with this online training.

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Agile Certification Online Brochure
Agile Certification Online

International Certification

The SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) exam and certification are included with this online training.

SCRUMstudy is the largest worldwide provider of established Agile and Scrum certifications.



180-Day Access

Who is this Course Designed for?

We recommend this course for anyone who is interested in Agile. It’s an excellent option for those already working in a project management role, who want to expand their skill-set.

It is, however, also very suitable for complete beginners – no experience is required for this online training.

What's Included?

What’s Included with this Agile Master Certified Online Course?

Here is an overview of what you’ll get when you purchase this Agile Certification Online Training:

  • High-Quality Training Materials

    The online material for this Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) course includes 42 training videos, an interactive case study, glossaries, and chapter tests to cement your learning. You’ll also have a progress tracker to help keep you focused.

  • 180 Days of Unlimited Online Access + Mobile App

    Once you purchase this online training, you’ll gain 180 days of unlimited access to the online training platform. You’ll also have the ability to study wherever you are with the mobile app.

  • An Additional Training and Certification

    The introductory training course of Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFCTM) is included when you purchase this course. Scrum Fundamentals Certified has 10 hours of materials.

  • Your PDF Copy of the SBOKTM Guide

    A Guide to the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOKTM Guide) is SCRUMstudy’s industry-recognised publication, which accompanies any Agile or Scrum training. You’ll get a PDF copy of this textbook when you purchase this Agile Certification Online.

  • A Flexible, Supportive Online Exam Structure

    The online, proctored exam process for this certification is very flexible and user-friendly. When you’re ready, you can schedule your online exam for a time and date that suits you. You’ll also have the option to re-take the exam twice free of charge if you don’t pass on the first try.

  • Internationally Recognised Agile Certification

    SCRUMstudy Agile and Scrum qualifications are recognised around the world. More than 7,500 companies have SCRUMstudy certified students within their teams.

Course Benefits

Agile Master Certification Online: 4 Key Benefits

Learn Where and When Suits You Best

The beauty of online training like this, is that you can go at your own pace. Log in and study when suits your schedule best. Learn from home or on the go. You’re in control – and you have 180 days to make your way through the material.

Gain Flexible Agile Knowledge and Skills

Rather than learning Agile for a niche industry, you’ll gain an understanding of Agile in a broader sense. You’ll learn how to use Agile so that it can be applied in different industries and working environments.

Study in a Supportive Environment

The online training platform is designed to support you at every step of your study and examination. There are chapter tests and an interactive case study to help you revise your learning in manageable chunks.

As you’ll learn in the Exam & Cert. tab, scheduling your exam is easy and done when you decide it’s time. You’ll also have 2 free re-sits for the exam, should you need them.

International Certification

Achieving such a well-recognised Agile certification adds credibility to your knowledge. It helps you to put your Agile skills on the map.


What Material is covered in this Agile Certification Online?

Agile Overview

  • Agile Definition
  • Why Agile?
  • Adaptive Project Management
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Declaration of Interdependence
  • Difference between Waterfall and Agile

Domains of Agile Practices

  • Value-Driven Delivery
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Performance Practices
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Problem Detection and Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Agile Tools and Artifacts

Lean Kanban

  • Introduction
  • Lean Kanban Core Values
  • Understanding Lean Software Development
  • Understanding Kanban Software Development
  • Definition of Lean Kanban
  • Implementing Lean Kanban


  • Scrum Aspects
  • Overview of Scrum
  • Brief History of Scrum
  • Why Use Scrum?
  • Scalability of Scrum
  • Scrum Principles
  • Scrum Processes
  • Scrum and Kanban

Extreme Programming

  • XP Introduction
  • XP Core Values
  • XP Roles
  • XP Practices
  • XP Release
  • XP Artifacts
  • Adopting XP
  • XP Events
  • XP Iteration

Other Methods & Comparison

  • Test Driven Development
  • DSDM – Dynamic Systems Development Methods
  • Crystal
  • FDD – Feature Driven Development
  • Comparison of Agile Methods
  • Best Fit Analysis and Blitz Planning

Exams & Cert.

Important Information About Your Agile Exam

Here is what you need to know about sitting your Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) exam:

  • You’ll find the steps for scheduling your online exam outlined in the “FAQs” section of your online training platform.
  • For your exam, you will need access to all of the following:

    – a solid, steady internet connection
    – a web-camera
    – speakers
    – a microphone

  • The webcam, speakers, and microphone must be switched on for the entire duration of your exam.
  • Upon scheduling your exam, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details you need to sit your exam. Please read this email carefully, noting what time you should log on for your exam (normally around 15 minutes before the start time).
  • The Agile Master Certified exam is 120 minutes long. It has 100 questions (multiple-choice).
  • There is no negative marking. You can skip questions and go back to them at a later point in the exam if you wish.
  • You have 2 free re-sits available if you do not pass the first time.


Agile Certification Online: FAQs

What do I need for this course?

To use the online training platform, all you’ll need is a web-enabled device (smartphone, computer, tablet) and a good internet connection. For your exam, you will also need to have a web-camera, microphone, and speakers. Most web-enabled devices will have these functions.

Do I need Agile experience for this training?

You don’t need any previous experience with Agile for this online training. It includes access to the Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFCTM) online training, which is a wonderful introduction to the whole philosophy.

How can I buy this online Agile training?

There are 3 easy steps to buying this Agile Online Training. First, use any of the “Add to Cart” buttons on this page to add the course to your shopping cart.

Next, complete the information and payment at our checkout page. We will send you a receipt by email as soon as the transaction is processed. You will gain access to your online training materials within 12 hours of completing your purchase.

Certification with Credibility


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